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Artem and Dan

Who Are Artem And Dan?

Meet Dan: He graduated from the University of Connecticut with an undergraduate degree in Data Analytics, and further continued his education with an MBA, concentrating in finance and management. Professional experience includes years in investment operations as well as property insurance data analytics. Dan loves giving back to his community and contributes his available time and resources to help others.

Meet Artem: He graduated from Western Connecticut State University (WCSU) with an undergraduate degree in Accounting, as well as a Master of Business Administration (MBA). Since graduating with an undergraduate degree he obtained his CPA license and has worked in various roles and industries, including residential and commercial real estate. Artem is an avid dog lover and reader, he is also an Adjunct Professor at his Alma Mater teaching Managerial Accounting.

Why Did Artem And Dan Make A Career Change?

Artem and Dan both wanted to get out of corporate America and make more out of their careers. In the corporate world, people are constantly faced with needing approvals, fear of making a mistake, and wondering how it will reflect on their career, limiting potential and growth. According to Artem, the best part of business ownership is the control of one’s own destiny! Artem was blessed to be a part of various acquisitions and expansions, which were exciting opportunities but as the size of the company doubled so did his responsibilities and, unfortunately, his paycheck did not always reflect the hours and energy spent proportionately. Similarly, Dan felt that corporate America held him back from fully using his many strengths and skills and he wanted to create a legacy for himself and a future family. They both agree that business ownership is the one true way to get rewarded for the energy, time, and stress invested in a career.

How Do You Feel Your Endeavors In Franchise Ownership Will Impact Your Legacy?

In addition to the financial security for them and their future families and/or successor(s), Artem and Dan both unanimously agree that franchise ownership provides them the opportunity to change lives in a way that is not possible in corporate America. They can create a work environment that excites their employees, one that makes them feel important and valued. They are both passionate about the platform it provides them to give back, monetarily but also with their time and labor, so that they and their employees can make a difference in their community. The resiliency required in business ownership positively impacts those around them in their ability to overcome problems and make decisions. This resiliency allows them to be a helpful voice for their friends and loved ones, bringing them closer together when they are needed most. Owning their franchise gives them more control over their lives, their time, and in turn, their long-term goals.

Why Will Artem And Dan Make Great Franchise Owners?

Artem and Dan really balance one another’s strengths and shortfalls and they have candor and honesty about recognizing these traits in one another. Artem is the visionary who is full of ideas and Dan tends to be the more analytical one who takes the best of the ideas and helps implement them. Artem is excellent with strategizing, sales, and numbers while Dan is proactive, has great attention to detail, and an ability to problem-solve, improve processes, and optimize the customer experience. These complementary strengths, mixed with a great personal and professional relationship, are optimal for a successful business and partnership.

What Were Artem And Dan’s Search Criteria For Finding The Right Franchise Company?

Artem and Dan wanted to find an established franchise that offered customers things they need more so than “nice to have.” This would ensure that even during difficult times the company would still do well. Finding a franchise that really has a strong onboarding process and support staff to help with the entire process was also extremely important as well.

In Their Words, Here’s What Artem And Dan Had To Say About Working With Liz:

“Liz was able to put us in contact with many franchises. Throughout the process, she took our feedback to continuously improve the search criteria to find the perfect franchise for us.”


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