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Who Is Eddie?

Prior to partnering with Liz, my professional journey revolved around the dynamic world of print media, where I served as a publisher for a remarkable 20-year span. It was a fulfilling career, overseeing the creation and dissemination of content that reached countless readers. However, as technology reshaped the media landscape and the digital era dawned upon us, the print media industry underwent profound changes. It became evident that it was time for a transformative shift, a chance to embark on a new path that aligned with my evolving aspirations.

What Inspired Eddie To Make A Career Change?

The inspiration to venture into the world of franchising and embrace the concept of Senior Care Authority came organically. Witnessing the evolution of the print media industry made me realize the importance of adapting and seeking new opportunities. I felt a desire to explore a venture that not only ignited my passion but also presented a meaningful purpose. Senior Care Authority’s mission resonated deeply with me, knowing that it involved assisting families during crucial life transitions and providing compassionate care for seniors. This endeavor felt like the right direction to channel my expertise, empathy, and drive.

Why Will Eddie Make A Great Franchise Owner?

I am poised to thrive in this endeavor due to the strong alignment of my values with the core principles of Senior Care Authority. The framework and support system provided by the franchise is precisely what I was seeking for a successful business venture. Additionally, my background as a publisher instilled valuable skills in communication, relationship-building, and managing diverse teams, which I believe will be invaluable assets in the senior care industry.

What Were Eddie’s Search Criteria For Finding The Right Franchise Company?

In order to find the perfect franchise concept, I prioritized flexibility above all. While remaining open to various options, it was essential to find a business model that allowed me to tailor my approach, adapt to the needs of my community, and create a lasting impact. Senior Care Authority offered this ideal combination of a proven system with room for personalization, making it the perfect fit for my aspirations.

Any Tips On Choosing The Right Time To Take The Leap Into Business Ownership And Leave The Corporate World?

The decision to take the leap into business ownership and transition from the corporate world can be daunting, but it’s an individual journey that requires self-awareness and a willingness to embrace change. Personally, I relied on intuition and deep introspection to recognize the opportune moment for this significant shift in my career.

In His Words, Here’s What Eddie Had To Say About Working With Liz:

“Without Liz, I don’t know where I would be. She helped me narrow down the many choices of franchises out there. Made sure I asked the right questions and even put me in contact with the right person for an SBA Loan. None of this would have happened without her. Thanks for everything and if I know anyone looking to be a franchise owner I will definitely send them your way.”

High Praise From Our Clients