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Kathy and Jon

Who Are Kathy And Jon?

Kathy and Jon have been dating since 2008. In 2020, they finally made the decision to cement their long standing relationship and get married…Yes, in the middle of a pandemic! No better way to invite only a few close friends! Their union blended together a big, beautiful family.

Jon has two daughters; Danielle (22), who is an elementary teacher at Freedom Elementary in West Fargo, ND and is engaged to be married to her fiancé Emily in 2023 and Katilyn (20) who is a sophomore at Augustana University in Sioux Falls, SD studying American Sign Language. Kathy has two boys, Hunter and Austin; Hunter (23) and his girlfriend Emily are raising their son Henry (2) who keeps them all on their toes at all times and Austin (21) is working full time at Hobby Lobby in Fargo, ND.

To Jon and Kathy, family is incredibly important so they love being able to spend time together and lead their children (and grandchild) by example.

Why Did Kathy And Jon Make A Career Change?

Kathy has been in technology sales for 25 years – which has been a very rewarding career for her! However, she has always wanted an opportunity to own her own business. Jon worked in the concrete business for the last 20 years. While this industry does take a toll on a person due to how physically demanding it can be, Jon sustained an unexpected injury that left him blind in one eye and no longer able to safely operate large machinery or maintain a CDL drivers license. And so, sometimes it is the trials we face in life that present the best opportunities for personal and professional growth. With Jon not able to work in his long term profession any longer and Kathy having a burning desire to operate her own business, the adversity they were faced with prompted them to discover new possibilities and they decided to say “yes” when a recruiter called to see if they wanted to explore franchise opportunities. The recruiter connected Jon and Kathy with Liz, who explained just how many other clients she has helped move into the rewarding experience of franchise ownership. Liz spent time getting to know Kathy and Jon. She learned about their goals, individual skills, abilities, lifestyle needs and investment level. With Liz’s expertise and connections in the industry, she was able to assist Jon and Kathy with information on how to thoroughly evaluate business ownership/franchise opportunities and make introductions to financers.

Why Will Kathy And Jon Make A Great Franchise Team?

Well, the jury is still out on that…. But with Jon’s hands-on experience mixed with Kathy’s marketing and sales skills, it will be a win win and the future of Jon, Kathy, and their loving family is promising!

What Were Kathy And Jon’s Search Criteria For Finding The Right Franchise Company?

It was very important to Jon and Kathy to seek opportunities that really interested them. Liz helped them find a business that suited them as people, as a family, and that they are passionate about, NOT just another job.

Criteria In Making Their Decision:

They wanted to do the work themselves and not take on anything that would be too physically demanding.

They did not want to hire a crew immediately but did want the opportunity to do so down the road.

They wanted a franchise company that made them feel like family.

They needed a franchise model that was enticing to them. It just so happens that Fibrenew Fargo has a great “ring” to it!

In Their Words, Here’s What Kathy And Jon Had To Say About Working With Liz:

“Liz took the time to get to know us personally. Not only did she ask about us as people, but what our hobbies include. She is great at matching your abilities and investment level with great Franchise options. I have a couple of friends looking to potentially make a change. I will definitely provide them with her information. I recommend Liz with GREAT confidence!”


High Praise From Our Clients