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Who Is Quentin?

Quentin is a retired military policeman with 22 years of dedicated service. He received his Associate’s degree from Troy University with studies in Criminal Justice/Law Enforcement Administration and his impressive resume includes expertise in Intelligence Analysis, U.S. Department of Defense, Counterterrorism, and Weapons Handling. In addition to his military accolades, Quentin is an accomplished entrepreneur.

What Inspired Quentin To Make A Career Change?

Quentin may have retired from the military but he was not ready to officially hang up his boots. He had more goals to achieve and sought a renewed sense of purpose after the military, which steered him down the path of entrepreneurship.

Why Will Quentin Make A Great Franchise Owner?

Quentin’s core values are the backbone of his success as a franchise owner, as well as his strong leadership and transferable skills from the military – drive, motivation, consistency, attention to detail, and work ethic.

What Were Quentin’s Search Criteria For Finding The Right Franchise Company?

Quentin sought a business that he could appreciate from every position. He wanted to find something that he would enjoy doing as an employee just as much as the owner. He also wanted to continue serving others and find a business that helps people solve problems.

Any Tips On Choosing The Right Time To Take The Leap Into Business Ownership And Leave The Corporate World?

Freedom and financial security are big motivators when going into business. Quentin recommends having personal finances in order first, as this really starts a business off on the right foot. However, as with any new endeavor, Quentin says you just have to take the leap of faith and go for it!

Tell Us More About Your Business! How Is It Going?

Quentin has built a strong business in Georgia. After being up and running for a few years he has already succeeded in expanding his business to several cities – Mr. Appliance in West Augusta, Aiken, Columbia, and Savannah.

In His Words, Here’s What Quentin Had To Say About Working With Liz:

“Liz is very open and honest. She made the whole process simple and took a lot of stress out of making the decision. Her advice and insight to a prospective buyer was invaluable.”

High Praise From Our Clients