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Age And Franchise Ownership – No Boundaries!

Baby boomers were raised to believe they would retire at 65. Their parents lived during a time when companies and their employees stuck with one another often for a lifetime. Retirement was for the ‘old people’ who swapped out their works station for a golf cart.

Today people in their fifties and sixties foresee a future that includes either a new career or business ownership. The idea of ‘early retirement’ goes against the demands of a mature workforce that still has much to contribute. Corporate loyalty may be a thing of the past, but the ambition to move on and move up continues to drive today’s ‘older’ generation. These potential franchise owners are often looking for another round — not of golf, but of accomplishment.

And then there’s the Millenials, the latest generational group to redefine what it means to work, achieve and aspire. They have more experience with the wide range of critical skills required of today’s workforce, especially with regard to technology. But they have also shown that the idea of taking a long slow climb up the corporate ladder is not in their genes. When they want to move up for better pay or a great challenge, they move over – either to accept a pay raise with a different company or to go into business for themselves.

As a group Millenials are opportunists when it comes to using their skills and knowing where those skills will be most valued. They are also attracted to environments that are collaborative and also offer flexibility in terms of their hours.

This is why Millenials are beginning to find their way into franchise ownership. They gravitate towards franchises that are low cost/quick start and take advantage of technologies that help them reach their customers and scale their businesses. This generation understands how technology can be used effectively to fuel the growth of a significant business.

Whatever your age, the right franchise can offer you the chance to achieve your financial and personal goals. Whether you are looking to put in another ten years in order to boost your retirement savings, or at making a twenty-year commitment that will allow you to escape the corporate job and instead enjoy control over your destiny and ultimately financial freedom, there is an option for you in franchising.

So how do you choose the right franchise for you? It’s about match-making, and it’s what I do. I match your skills, ambitions, and requirements (including the technology piece) with a handful of opportunities that have made it to what I call Liz’s list – a group of high-quality, proven, and innovative franchise opportunities that are worthy of consideration.

Let’s have a lively, meaningful conversation. Call me at (207) 991-0138.

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