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Entrepreneurs Are Choosing Service Brands In 2022

This growth can be found in nearly all sectors and locations across the country… and beyond. The business opportunity is a lower cost of entry, no retail storefront, a simpler business model, and the ability to work from home. While the pandemic threatened to close the doors of many companies, it also served as a springboard for entrepreneurs who turned to home service to start their own businesses.

A closer look shows us that these demand driven home services provide a high level of customer service, variety of services, deliver products and are considered a mobile business. This is in contrast to traditional brick-and-mortar retail businesses where customers go to a location to buy something. The home service category has demonstrated resilience throughout the pandemic and continues to experience positive growth but not without a few potential stumbling blocks. A skilled workers shortage is an industry challenge that will continue to impact the home service category. As the country’s preference for convenience grows, the demand for on-site services and on-site delivery continues their robust upward trend.

Service franchises generally can offer more economical start up and operating costs and often require much less personnel for daily operation. The income potential is still attractive and can be considerable. There’s the affordability factor and a lower upfront risk from day one.

Service franchises offer a wide selection of opportunities and niches in the service franchise sector. And many of these businesses have a healthy and constant demand serving both commercial and residential customers. Service-based franchise examples include: handyman (electricians, plumbers), bathroom and kitchen remodeling, flooring, painting, lawn maintenance, valet trash removal, security, landscape and irrigation services, pest control, senior care, tutoring, education, business coaching, accounting, lighting, pet services, restoration, window treatment solutions, pool cleaning, insulation, garage interior and doors, hospitality recruiting, commercial/residential cleaning, IT, and interior design/decorating.

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